Here are some of the projects I’m involved in:


Torah Daily

Rabbi Jason Miller launched the Torah Daily Facebook page after reading Jennifer Preston’s article in the New York Times about Jesus Daily. Convinced that there was a need to provide spiritual and inspirational texts and quotes from Jewish wisdom, Torah Daily has over 1,000 followers on Facebook. Several rabbis and Jewish educators contribute meaningful lessons to inspire Torah Daily’s followers. Learn more about Torah Daily’s founding from this Huffington Post article.







The PopJewish Blog, co-founded by Rabbi Jason Miller and Rabbi Joshua Hess, looks at the intersection of Jewish Wisdom and Pop Culture. This blog focuses on Jewish ideas and themes from television, movies, music, art and sports. All blog posts contain pop culture references and Jewish wisdom from the perspective of 21st century rabbis. Our mission entails extracting and infusing Jewish wisdom, theology, and lessons in popular culture and sharing these ideas and dialogues with our readers. The PopJewish blog reached 50,000 pageviews before its first anniversary.









Torah From Terror

Torah From Terror was created in 2001 by Rabbi Neil Gillman and Rabbi Jason Miller to preserve the sermons delivered by rabbis in the days following the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001. By that dark Tuesday morning, most rabbis already had drafts of their High Holy Day sermons completed. Upon witnessing the footage of that first plane crashing into the World Trade Center building, rabbis knew immediately that they would have to rewrite those sermons. The tragic events of September 11, 2001 cast a dark shadow on the Days of Awe 5762. Many rabbis, after discarding their already prepared sermons, found their voices and were able to construct the appropriate words to bring a sense of comfort to congregants during those uncertain days. From horrific acts of terror came Torah.








BentchPress was created by Rabbi Jason Miller to provide customized bentchers and siddurs (prayer books). You want everything to be special for your family’s simcha. And a simcha just isn’t a simcha without giving thanks to God following the Seudat Mitzvah (festive feast). BentchPress has produced customized books for many weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, baby namings, and other occasions. Keepsake bentchers and song books were created for Hadassah’s missions department and an unveiling booklet was created for Dorfman Memorial Chapel. The custom-made bentchers give your guests a beautiful, personalized keepsake. For information ordering information contact Rabbi Jason Miller.

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